Spring Into These Health Tips for Seniors

Wondering how to spring into a healthy season? Take action with these safety and health tips for seniors in the spring!

What are the best health tips for the spring season? Spring safety tips for seniors and health tips for seniors can really reduce the risk of some common challenges springtime brings. 

Read on for the top health tips for seniors in the spring, including safety concerns!

Seasonal Concerns for Seniors in the Spring

Just like any season, spring comes with some concerns. Along with the lovely changing of the leaves, there are a few things to look out for. 

1. Allergies & Inflammation

For seniors who are prone to allergies, it can be helpful to do the following during the springtime: 

  • Keep windows closed 
  • Consider wearing a face mask when outside to filter pollen and other allergens
  • Purchase an air filter for inside your house

Along with this, activities like gardening or housekeeping in the spring can cause inflamed joints. It can be helpful to talk with your doctor or physical therapist about how to best manage these issues. 

2. Falls

Even though fall and winter have passed, ice isn’t the only risk for slips. Water, rain, and other spring occurrences can cause an increased risk of falls and fractures. 

3. Weather Changes

Spring is sometimes thought of as a subtle, delicate season. The truth is that extreme weather can strike during this transitional time between winter and summer. 

4. Delivery Delays

With changes in daylight hours and weather shifting by the second (it sometimes seems), commonly delivered items or scheduled deliveries can be delayed. It can be helpful to have freezer meals on hand. 

For family members, try checking in with an elderly loved one weekly to make sure they have everything they need. 

Spring Safety Tips for Seniors

Don’t let a lack of safety ruin spring fun! Here are five tips for preventative practices to take on in the springtime. 

1. Protect from the Sun

Humans can become more prone to sunburns with age, so remember to wear sunscreen each day that you venture outside. 

Try finding a body or face lotion to use daily that is fortified with at least SPF 15. Also, be sure to spend time sitting in the shade when you can and wear a hat to shade you.

2. Safeguard from the Weather

In addition to fortifying the skin against sun exposure, there are other steps to take when swift changes in temperature are possible. 

In the spring, a hat can also protect from unexpected elements of the outdoors (such as rain). Wearing loose-fitting clothes can also help the skin stay well ventilated.

Speaking of weather, prepare for possible power outages and serious storms as well. 

3. Ease Into Movement

Going from almost no outdoor activity in the winter to more movement in the spring can pose some unique dangers. Be sure to gradually increase movement and physical activity, especially outdoors, according to your needs. 

Also, plan to stay hydrated properly!

4. Double Check Lighting

With daylight hours shifting in the spring, it’s important to make sure your home still has bright sources of light. 

Long-lasting LED light bulbs can make it so you don’t have to replace lighting as frequently or risk falling to access the light fixture. 

5. Tackle Spring Cleaning

A seasonal sweep of the house for spring cleaning can become more overwhelming with age. Be sure to ask for help as a senior. 

If you are a caregiver or loved one, ask if there are some special spring tasks you could assist with. 

6. Mitigate Tripping Hazards

It can be easy to avoid tripping hazards in the winter when the instinct is to hibernate. In the spring, check to make sure home fixtures (i.e. throw rugs) and furniture are secure so that they don’t make falls more likely. 

In line with spring cleaning, it can be helpful to clear the clutter in walkways and main spaces to reduce fall risk. Invite an expert to perform a safety assessment on your home if you are worried. 

Top Health Tips for Seniors in the Spring

Along with safety tips, there are also helpful health habits to try during the spring. Pick one and start today! 

1. Check for Expired Medication

Spring is a great time to check your medicine cabinet for expired goods. Be sure to throw away or dispose properly of anything that is expired or empty. 

On a similar note, make sure your first aid and emergency kits are up-to-date, just in case.  

2. Schedule a Check-Up 

Winter seems to be back-to-back holiday celebrations, which can tire out older adults and throw routines to the side. Spring is an excellent time to touch base with your healthcare team and make sure everything is going smoothly. 

3. Ensure Healthy Lifestyle Habits

With warmer temperatures and new seasonal produce, spring is perfect for reinvigorating your health goals. And with a new season, comes new possibilities!

Try a new healthy meal, enjoy fresh herbs (and plant a DIY garden!), or discover a new type of exercise of movement that you enjoy. But also do not neglect the practices that prove to work best, whether it may be taking a walk to reduce stress or simply spending time outdoors with a loved one.

Overall, tend to physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the spring season – and throughout the year!

In Summary on Springtime Senior Health

Spring is a youthful season of rebirth, and seniors can also experience that exciting energy! Achieve your best health and safety yet. 

Put a spring in your step with these top safety and health tips for seniors in the spring!


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