Best Diets for Women Over 50

Though “diet” is a broad term encompassing all foods consumed, the term is mostly attributed in hopes to lose weight. However, the best diet for women is not solely based on weight loss, but achieving and optimizing health as age advances, all while reaching health goals and pursuing a happier, healthier life of longevity!

Best Diets for Women Over 50

An efficacious diet for women mostly resembles a healthful diet, including whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean proteins, milk and dairy products, and healthy fat sources. But in additional to knowing what should be consumed, actually implementing such a diet may be a quite the feat. Women can defeat barriers and progress to health goals with these valuable diet tips:

Meal Preparation

Meal prepping is one of the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to maintaining adequate nutrition. Whether it be related to a long day or the mere desire to lounge around without placing a foot in the kitchen, having meals prepped and ready to go limits the urge to gravitate towards convenience, innutritious foods. If new to the valuable practice, find your beginner’s guide to meal prepping here.

Modify Recipes with Healthful Substitutions

One of the greatest aspects of recipes is not just the final, edible product, but being able to modify ingredients and healthify a meal. For instance, swapping out plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, spaghetti squash for pasta noodles, and eggplant for pizza crust. And while cooking modifications offer a little more leeway than baking, these 10 delicious swaps are nutritious without compromising the quality of the baked good.

Trick Your Sweet Tooth

Giving into that pesky sweet tooth may not lead to the sweetest outcomes. However, it can be overcome without caving into that candy bowl dish or cookie jar by chewing on a flavored piece of gum, eating a naturally-sweetened piece of fruit, or a healthful peach, raspberry, basil protein smoothie. It is important, though, to allow yourself to mindfully indulge on occasion, including a small slice of pie on Thanksgiving or a piece of cake celebrating a birthday.

Get Minty Fresh

Sometimes cravings are based on boredom. But rather than gravitating towards the kitchen pantry, chew on a piece of mint gum. Keeping a toothbrush and minty toothpaste on hand can also distract and intervene from an oncoming binge. The common plant herb also has incredible health benefits you need to know about! 

Adapt the Environment

Environment contributes significantly in food selections and quantities. From eating at home and work or while traveling, create a healthy eating environment to support nutritious decisions wherever you may be!

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is a highly valuable diet tip in numerous ways. First off, logging daily meals, snacks, and drinks helps bring awareness on just how much you are consuming. Secondly documenting emotions when certain foods are consumed at various points of the day can help women identify whether or not eating was based on actual hunger or as a response to stress. And finally, you may be less likely to write down and document that large slice of pie…

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