Grandparents Day Activities and Ideas

Falling on the first Sunday following Labor Day, Grandparents Day is a joyous way to honor grandparents. Grandchildren and their grandparents have a designated holiday to spend time with one another and enjoy each others company. Enjoy these nine awesome activities to celebrate Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day Activities and Ideas

1. Prepare Meals

Get cookin’ in the kitchen! Grandparents, introduce your grandchildren to a traditional or beloved dish you continue to enjoy from your childhood. Additionally, let grandchildren choose one of their favorite meals or side dishes. Plate and serve the food and enjoy eating together at a dining table.

2. Plant A Garden

Gardening is a wonderful way to bond over food. Discuss how plants are incorporated into foods, even prepare them into dishes in the kitchen! If land is scarce for a full-fledged garden, plant in small pots or baskets. Grandparents and grandchildren can each choose favorite plants!

3. Get Crafty

Crafting with one another is a great Grandparents Day activity, as it embodies creativity without stressful strings attached! Use lively colors to paint a picture or the pots housing new plants discussed above, teach grandchildren how to sew, or scrapbook your favorite memories together. There really is no right or wrong way to craft, just enjoy the time spent together!

4. Interview One Another

Get to know each other that much more with a playful interview. Grandchildren can ask grandparents about their lifelong story including their childhood, favorite jobs, wedding day, and favorite hobbies – mainly reflecting on their lives and projecting what life qualities they foresee or desire. Grandparents can ask their grandchildren to visualize their future by discussing aspirations, goals, and dreams.

5. Volunteer Together

Do things for others while creating memories! Volunteering is a way to encourage and instill valuable lessons in their grandchildren. Extend a helping hand by sorting clothing at a donation center, serving meals at a senior service, or walk dogs at a dog shelter!

6. Sing and Dance

Music has a way of bringing everyone together despite a generational gap. Grandchildren and grandchildren can take turns playing their favorite songs. The diversity of music will keep energy high!

7. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Getting outside is a great way to spend the day together. Hit the playground, take a leisurely walk, or play in the rain if possible. Prepare a picnic you can enjoy together at a favorite park or even in the backyard.

8. Movie-thon

But if the weather truly does not accommodate to outdoor activities, enjoy movies and favorite snacks! Transform your living room into a fort with blankets and pillows. Grandparents can introduce their grandchildren to classic movies and vice versa.

9. Start A Tradition

Though it is fun to switch up Grandparents Day each year, make a tradition to also stick to. Make a routine and establish your “thing” you can continue to truly bond over. Traditions can include going to breakfast at a local diner, walking a river or shoreline and finding a neat rock or shell, or even having a sleepover!

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