How to Choose a Medication Reminder System

Inadequate instructions, a busy schedule, a declining memory, or maybe even a mixture of all the above… Prescription noncompliance has multiple origins, though all can have negative consequences on elders’ health. A medication reminder can offer caregivers and their loved ones a peace of mind. But with all the variations of such pill reminders and organizers, how do you choose?

choosing a Medication Reminder System

Medication reminder systems are diverse. From plastic pill boxes to electronic devices, one should think about its exact use before jumping in with an impulsive purchase. Is it needed to divide a day’s worth of medication, a sounded alarm, or even a combination of both? Some medication reminders may come with a heavier price tag and establishing their use can save on money, especially if a higher priced reminder is unnecessary. Various medication reminder systems may benefit you and your loved one based on the following specifications and characteristics:

Basic, Yet Convenient

Standard, plastic pill boxes offer caregivers and elders to organize medications into convenient slots. Whether desiring daily, weekly, or monthly compartments, there is generally a pill box for that. Find Amazon’s best sellers of pill dispensers and reminders here.

Simple Apparatus with Voice Reminders

The new and improved MED-E-LERT transforms the concept of standard plastic pill boxes to electronic devices. Similar reminders that are suggestive to be user-friendly and relatively inexpensive can be found here.


This Cadex medication reminder watch features a strong vibration alarm, offering hearing-impaired individuals to feel the reminder rather than hear it. The watch also offers an easy-to-read backlight display, houses up to eight alarms, and provides a lock feature to prevent accidental re-programming.


Especially for elders with a declining memory, the tamper-proof pill dispenser can be extremely valuable to keep medications organized and taken in recommended dosages and times. Further characteristics include a secure and refillable tray, alarm and text message reminders, and a battery back-up system.

Cellular Connecting

The MedMinder is the only pill dispenser with their own built-in cellular connection on the market. Based on a 7-day week, the dispenser lights up and sounds when the medication needs to be taken. If not acquired on time, the pill box will call the individual and if still missed, a notification via phone call, email, or text message will notify the designated caregiver. MedMinder further claims its affordable price as a significant, appealing benefit.

More Than Medication Reminders

In addition to medication reminders, Reminder Rosie offers caregivers a chance to record up to 25 prompts. From taking daily pills to reminding elders of a doctor’s appointment, the intimate voices and communications allow seniors to hear the voices of their loved ones all while staying organized and on task.

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