Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Find out why laughter is the best medicine and how to get your daily dose!

“Laughter is the best medicine” boasts much more than a simple statement. In fact, laughing may be a missing piece to the health puzzle following its compelling effects within research literature (and not to mention the internal feelings while laughing at funny and humorous incidences).

Find out why laughter is the best medicine and how you can obtain your daily dose!

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Simply answered, to an extent. Though laughter cannot display the medicinal mechanisms of insulin, a statin, or other prescriptions, its demonstration shows great value in a fulfilled life.

If you were to research its meaning under an academic search engine, vast articles (even compelling) would emerge. Specifically, the renowned emotional effects of laughing have shown to:

Boost the Immune System

Despite the difficulty to statistically analyze humor, researchers speculate laughter may contribute to boosted immunity. Feeling happy and laughing may reduce stress levels that often impede and disrupt a well-functioning immune system.

Additionally, laughter may increase infection-fighting antibiotics, therefore reducing the risk of the common cold, flu, and other illnesses.

Promote Heart Health

Like consistent aerobic exercise, laughter may promote good heart health. Available research has implied laughing can improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels, subsequently lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Burn Calories

While swapping out a rigorous workout with a belly laugh does not necessarily provoke the same results, laughing can absolutely burn calories. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity concluded 10 to 15 minutes of genuine laughter can burn 10 to 40 calories.

While those numbers may appear minuscule, they can add up to a four-pound weight loss per year, solely initiated by the enjoyment of laughing!

Ease Pain 

If you have stepped into a children’s hospital, the sighting of a red-nosed and haired character may be in sight. Specifically, clowns have been introduced and utilized to enhance laughter among ill patients, subsequently easing pain.

Along with positive emotions and stress alleviations, laughter itself may aid in pain relief, even in long-term care settings and pain management.

Support Mental Health

Mental health tends to become overshadowed by visual, physical ailments. However, internal mental illness should not go unnoticed, as it can become damaging and detrimental to overall health.

From lessening stress levels or modifying a negative mood, laughter may relieve stress and improve mental health symptoms.

Improve Quality of Life

It generally goes without saying the collaboration of both good physical and mental health forms overall wellbeing. Whether a good laugh helps you get through a difficult situation or overcoming a chronic illness, its display can improve quality of life!

How to Increase Humor and Laughter in Your Life

Doing so is as simple as these tips!

Frown Less, Smile More

Smiling is a simple act of kindness and is just the beginning of laughter. Since smiling is said to be contagious, gift a free smile to offer “the best medicine” to others around you!

Passing a smile on can heighten levels of happiness and have a positive effect on total happiness.

Subtract Negativity, Add Positivity

Living and taking in negativity limits the ability to attract and experience positivity. To fulfill and add more happiness and laughter to your life, remove as much negativity as possible.

Although some negative circumstances cannot be changed – deadlines at work, family matters, etc. – attitudes can be modified and adapted towards them. And if stress becomes too extreme, try practicing stress-relieving techniques to ward off such negative feelings and invite positive thoughts instead.

Also, stray away from individuals that only add negativity within your life if at all possible.

Swap Sad Sitcoms with Funny Videos

Whether it be on YouTube or stand-up skits, comedians offer humor to their audiences. While those drama series or “chick flicks” certainly earn their place in your “watch list,” a healthy dose of funny can alter mood within just a short timeframe!

Take Life Less Seriously

The stressors of life may feel overwhelmingly serious, placing heavy weight on shoulders. But instead of putting all hands on deck, it may be worthwhile to take a step back amidst the pressure.

Although it may feel like giving up at the moment, looking from afar at the bigger picture can add life perspective and contribute to a more fulfilling, happier life. And when you experience more feelings of happiness, smiling and laughing can naturally align.

Be Silly

It truly is okay to let loose, let go, and be silly every now and again! As children, we tended to let down guards, act at the moment, and display senseless acts. And during those moments, you more than likely smile without much care in the world.

It is absolutely okay to laugh at yourself during these moments, even if they may be embarrassing. You never know, you may be offering others around you a healthful dose of laughter!