The Healing Power of Bone Broth for Anti-Aging Results

Bone broth has been promoted as a powerful health elixir, with suggestive benefits to bone support, digestive promotion, and muscle growth. But the list does not stop there, as the broth has been suggestive to encourage anti-aging effects and skin health. So how may its internal intake contribute to external skin benefits?

Bone Broth and Skin Health

Bone broth’s correlation to skin health and anti-aging largely contributes to its ingredients and composition it acquires following its preparation. Simply put, bone broth is created by simmering together water, animal bones, vegetables, and various seasonings, generally for a day’s worth of time. The long, slow simmering process releases valuable minerals from the bones and collagen from the joints. Skin health may be attributed to bone broth’s…

…collagen content.

Collagen is a protein offering the body structure, primarily in the bones, muscles, tendons. It further plays a role in skin strengthening and formation, further providing elasticity and is required to replace and restore dead skin cells. Around the age of 40, collagen production is noted to naturally reduce, ultimately causing those notorious skin wrinkles. The intake of bone broth is suggested to reduce age-related skin wrinkles developed overtime.

…powerful antioxidants.

Largely in the form of minerals, antioxidants in bone broth may demonstrate the power to fight against aging. Antioxidants help protect the body from damaging free radicals, harmful compounds mostly originating from environmental toxins or from a poor diet. When the body’s cells are protected, the risk of premature skin aging is lessened, including the appearance of wrinkles. Antioxidants are also shown to be brain-protective, reducing the threat of brain deterioration and weakening largely linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

…hydration properties.

Being mostly comprised of water, consuming bone broth can offer hydrating properties to the skin. When the body’s cells and organs are offered water, they can function properly and optimize to their greatest ability. And with skin being 64 percent water, keeping it hydrated reduces the risk of dry, flaky skin.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging

Compiling bone broth’s collagen and antioxidant content and hydration properties would appear to provide the skin with bountiful benefits and fight against aging. But when it comes to sound evidence of bone broth’s health role, the research is lacking. Although bone broth may be favorable to brain and skin health, it is important to not dismiss other key factors in promoting longevity. Additional influences shown to display anti-aging benefits include:

A Well-Balanced Diet

Though we tend to eat for physical health, eating for the brain should not go unnoticed. A well-balanced diet filled with whole grains, fresh produce, lean protein and fish, nuts and seeds, and dairy products naturally offer the anti-aging nutrients the body yearns for. As a general rule, reduce processed foods loaded with sugars and unhealthy fats!

Physical Activity

Aerobic exercise is known for helping to improve blood flow, including to the brain, while strength-training can support lean body mass. Improved blood flow paired with a healthy, lean body weight enhances anti-aging results and benefits.

Mental Stimulation

Keep the brain energized and young by stimulating it with exercises and activities, including reading, puzzles, and crafts. Doing so has shown to support nerve cells with the potential to produce new ones, fighting back against brain cell loss that generally trails with age.

Disease Management

From heart disease to diabetes, managing disease is imperative to both initial and long-term health. Uncontrolled blood pressure and sugars can speed up the aging process while taking off precious years of life. Get a grip on disease-associated levels now to enjoy a richer, healthier life later!